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10 Simple and Quick Cooking Tips for Busy Moms

Working women are always busy in doing their tasks. Moreover, they always have to look after their children, as well. In this situation, most of the moms do not get enough time to cook meals for their family for lunch and dinner. Penned down below are some quick and simple cooking tips for such busy moms:

Busy Moms

1. Manage to get Crock Pots

The first and the foremost tip for many busy moms are to purchase crock pots. Crock pots are easier to handle and a great way to make a quick meal. Mostly, crock pots are bigger in size and you can even make a big meal for a number of people. If your family size is small, you can save extra meal in the freezer for your next day usage.

2. Making a List on Weekends

The best days for busy moms to plan for cooking throughout the coming week are the weekend. Weekends provide ample space and time for busy moms think about what they have to cook for the upcoming days. Moreover, once the list is decided, they can even cook meals for the weekdays and then can enjoy their work without any issue.

3. Freezing the Meals for Week Days

It is obvious that on weekdays, working moms can’t handle the kitchen work. The best solution for this problem is to make different dishes on weekends and then store them in your freezer to be used on week days.

4. Food Recipes-A Great Source to Cook Great Meals

No matter how much a busy mom you are, your children will always have their menu ready to be served. In this case, if you are not a cooking guru, you can get help from recipes of different expert chefs. Their recipes are brief and instructions are clear as well. So that could be a great source of cooking great meals and fulfilling the needs of your family as well.

5. Strategy is What You Want

Your meal preparation and selection of ingredients could be an effective strategy to make delicious meals. Try to select ingredients that best suit you and your family. Quick foods can save a lot of your time and can be very delicious when made with proper attention.

6. Serving Breakfast in Dinner for Your Kids

A great strategy to make your kids happy is to serve them what they like to eat in the breakfast. Usually, kids hate to eat heavy meals and like their own light foods that suits them best. Be intelligent and serve them what they desire for.

7. Food for the Next Day

If you are an intelligent working mom, you will always go for saving some extra food for the next day. So, while preparing a meal, make it in large quantity to it could be used for the next day as well.

8. Cooking Fast Meals

Fast meals can be cooked easily and don’t consume much of your time. Try to select those meal options for your family to save your precious time.

9. Saving Meals in Package Boxes

You can save your meals for every person in different packaging boxed. That could be a great way to help your family members to have their own food item that they like the most.

10. Don’t compromise on Hygiene

Being a busy mother, all you need is to focus on two things. Prepare food for your family and try to consider hygiene as one of the most important aspect while cooking your meals. No one, but only you are responsible to give healthy food to your family members.

4 Pressure Cooker Parts You Should Have In Your Kitchen

Owning a pressure cooker in your kitchen is like owning a new motorbike for a racing enthusiast 😉 . Both are beneficial and require proper care not to mention that at some point they will need some sort of repairs and replacement parts which one should have readily available. If you own a pressure cooker, there are some parts that you should have in your kitchen instead of running to the dealers when your cooker breaks down. Below are some of the parts that you must or should have tucked somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

Important pressure cooker parts you should have

1. Gasket or seal: – This replaceable part is also known as sealing ring and helps to prevent any pressure leakage through the lid. With continued use, gaskets normally wear-out thus making them loose and this causes the pressure or steam to escape thus rendering your pressure cooker ineffective. This leads to prolonged periods of cooking and the only remedy is to replace the gasket. Replacing this pressure cooker part makes your pot look and work like a new one. Click here to check one of your brand pressure cooker.

2. Pressure cooker bracket and handle: – Another important part of a pressure cooker, this replaceable part allows you to get a better grip on your appliance when opening or transferring the pot from one place to the other. The handle is also a very important part of your pot and with continued usage could easily break or require replacement for one reason or the other. Although some brackets and handles are made from strong steel, others are made using heat resistant plastic and could easily break with continued use thus requiring to be replaced for better handling.

3. Cooking rack: – This part is important as it is used to hold foods including vegetables and it is placed on the bottom of your pot during steaming. It helps in saving time and separating your food from cooking liquids this keeping the original flavor of the particular food. The cooking rack will age as you continue using your pressure cooker thus requiring a replacement. It is good to have one ready in your kitchen. Click here to check out different sizes and price details.

4. Pressure cooker pressure regulator: – As essential part of your pressure cooker, the pressure regulator plays a major role in the functioning and safe usage of your pot. Your regulator should be replaced in case other components such as the gasket have been replaced and functioning properly but yet the pot is not working as it should. Click here to check for different model as per your brand.

By taking proper care of your pressure cooker and replacing any worn out parts, you will be able to extend its functionality without spending too much money in the process. Your replacement parts can be purchased from the same dealers where you bought your pot and even ordered together with your pressure cooker and this way you might enjoy discounts while ensuring that you get the right match. Your pressure cooker could also need other parts such as indicator weight among others.

8 Tips to Guide Your Commercial Pressure Cooker Purchase

Commercial pressure cookers come with the same benefits as all other small pressure cookers. However, considering that they help save you energy cost, it is undeniable that they are suitable for maximizing your profits and therefore worth considering in your commercial kitchen.

The choice of the right commercial pressure cooker is important and the following tips should help you in the selection of the most ideal kitchen appliance for your use.

Commercial pressure cooker buying guide

  1. A commercial pressure cooker should have a large capacity that caters for different number of people. It is recommended to buy a pressure cooker that is above 10 liters in capacity and especially if you intend to use it for huge quantities of food. The bigger the pressure cooker, the easier it is for you to cook enough food for self-preservation.
  2. Consider a commercial stove top pressure cooker as this allows you to manually control the heat in order to obtain the best optimal results.
  3. Look for a pressure cooker that has a capability of reaching 15 psi. This kind of a commercial pressure cooker enables you to cook different recipes and especially those that require 15 psi and above. Doing this will help you avoid additional cooking time for different recipes something that could mean adding 10 to 20 percent cooking time depending with the psi level of your pressure cooker.
  4. Go for a pressure cooker that offers a lengthy warranty period. This will give you an advantage especially considering that you will be using your commercial pressure cooker for many days. It is also important to note that pressure cooker replacement parts do not come with warranty and therefore you should consider a brand whose accessories and replacement are readily available to you.
  5. Consider the quality of the pressure cooker in question. For example, some of the best appliances are labeled “18/10 stainless steel” which means they have 18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel. Such kind of commercial pressure cookers are durable and also resistant to rust, stains and corrosion. They are also easier to clean and shiner as well.
  6. It is also good to look for a pressure cooker that comes with additional accessories such as cooking rack and steamer basket which are necessary for when cooking some recipes. Some models of commercial pressure cookers come equipped with such accessories and therefore will give you great value for your money.
  7. Consider the handles of the commercial pressure cooker. Generally, commercial pressure cookers are large and therefore meant to hold a lot of food. You should go for a cooker that has robust handles on both sides thus making it easy to life them up and transfer safely. If concerned about the storage space, look for a pressure cooker with folding handles.
  8. Choose for a pressure cooker that is built from commercial heavy duty aluminum for durability. Since your pressure cooker will be used and scrubbed almost every day, the commercial grade aluminum will help guarantee longevity.

3 Important Features to Consider When Buying Electric Pressure Cookers

electric pressure cookerThere are different types of pressure cookers but electric pressure cookers are the latest models and commonly referred to as “third generation” pressure cookers.

Electronic pressure cookers are automatically regulated and thus can maintain the operating pressure required for efficient cooking. When looking for an electronic pressure cooker, it is good to note that a spring-loaded valve is one of the main features along with others such as a timer and hi-tech settings that help to keep the food warm.

Your pressure cooker should be used carefully for safety purposes and it is important to know that you cannot use cold water for pressure release when using them. Vapor should be released with caution to avoid serious accidents. It is always important to choose the right pressure cooker for your home as doing so will help you enjoy major benefits.

Below features to help you choose the right electric pressure cooker:

Feature #1: Consider the size

Electric pressure cookers come in different sizes ranging from 4 to 10 quarts. The size you choose will be determined by the amount of food you intend to cook at any given time. If you need to cook food for lets say a week, then you will need a big appliance that will handle enough food to take you and your family throughout the week.

Our advice is that you better buy an appliance that will prove to be bigger rather than one that will give you headache for being small. When selecting the ideal size, it is good to remember that your pressure cooker cannot be filled to the brim and therefore this will affect your food quantity as you can only fill it to 2/3. This means a 4 quarts pressure cooker will not exactly hold that amount of soup.

Feature #2: Construction

The construction of the electrical pressure cooker is of great importance and must never be ignored. While all electrical pressure cookers are made of stainless steel material, other parts such as the locking system and the handle must be considered carefully. The locking system should be dependable and sturdy while firm and longer handles will go a long way in helping you whenever you want to lift the hot while hot.

Feature #3: Safety

The best electric pressure cooker should also have important safety features that will help you during the cooking sessions. For example, a pressure cooker that comes with excess pressure sensor, electric shut-off in case of high external/internal temperatures, high temperature monitor system and safety lid lock is the best. According to various electric pressure cooker reviews, not every appliance provides these features and therefore you will need to do some research before buying. Look for electric pressure cookers with automatic temperature and current fuse that shuts off the power in case the internal or current temperatures exceeds the recommended levels.

Electric pressure cookers are growing in popularity due to their superior features but as a recommendation, it is important to be absolutely careful when using the appliances.

List of popular electric pressure cookers

Top 10 Features Why Choose Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker

There are many different pressure cooker models found in the market today, kuhn rikon pressure cooker is one of the highly rated among many home owners. The Swiss-made pressure cooker has many excellent features and thus is capable of delivering quality results while helping you save on energy during your cooking experiences. When choosing a pressure cooker, it is always good to consider the features as this will help in your decision making.

Below are 10 key features of kuhn rikon pressure cooker:

    1. The pressure cooker is constructed of stainless steel thus making is nonporous and durable meaning you can use it for many years without regrets.

    2. They have two important pressure settings i.e. 15psi and 10psi and there are clearly indicated on the pressure cookers’ pop-up valves stem which makes it easy for you to use them when setting the pressure preferences.

    3. kuhn rikon pressure cookers are equipped with a 3-ply bottom meaning they can retain the pressure even when on a low flame. This is in addition to the fact that they rise in pressure fast which means you do not have to worry about dried food. This feature is also suitable in energy conservation thus saving your cooking cost drastically.

    4. The pressure cookers are equipped with a hard thermal aluminum sandwich at the bottom and this helps in rapid heat absorption and even browning.

    5. It has 5 over-pressure safety systems including the spring-loaded precision regulator and automatic locking system and these helps prevent the pressure from building up excessively. Normally, the pressure is released when it reaches 17 psi.

    6. Your kuhn rikon pressure cooker will also have a loop handle for 2 handed lifting which makes it secure and reliable during your cooking. The pressure cookers can be used on ceramic, gas, electric and induction stovetops.

    7. The models come with an operating valve whose stem shows both low and high pressure meaning you can easily regulate the heat as required for different types of foods.

    8. Rikon also allows you to release the pressure by quick release (running lukewarm water on the rim of the rid), naturally or normally by pressing the pressure cooker indicator.

    9. kuhn rikon pressure cooker requires hand washing and therefore is not dishwasher safe. However, the washing process is easy and does not inconvenience at all.

    10. Comes with a detailed user manual and a 1 year warranty.

The pressure cookers are highly rated when it comes to energy conservation. However, if at all you are looking for a dishwasher safe pressure cooker, Kuhn rikon might not be the best option for you. Apart from this con however, every other feature is perfect and recommended.

So you already decided for getting a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker checking above features 🙂 then we highly requested to check below popular list. You can also read indepth reviews of each pressure cooker.

Popular Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers :

Kuhn Rikon 3344

kuhn rikon 3344 stainless steel pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are not just for your grandma anymore. The new line of pressure cookers offers a great way to cook food that is much healthier as all the nutrients in the food are contained. In addition, the newer versions are fast, quiet, and convenient. They also use 70% less energy than other more traditional methods of cooking. Pressure cooking is a great way to cook food especially for busy households.

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Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

kuhn rikon duromatic pressure cooker

The Kuhn Rikon duromatic top pressure cooker 7.4 quart is a pressure cooker with a lot of great features. Many people may think that cooking with a pressure cooker is a bit old fashioned, but that is really not the case.

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8 Great Features Why Choose All American Pressure Cooker

The all American pressure cooker is undoubtedly one of the most famous pressure cooker models in the market today. Manufactured in the United States, the pressure cookers come with many great features that sets them apart from the rest and you can consider them if you are looking for a reliable and durable cooking partner for your kitchen. As usual, these pressure cookers are ideal as they help in energy conservation plus their cooking time is always quick and therefore suitable even when you want to prepare your food in a hurry.

All American pressure cookers come in different sizes allowing you to select the most ideal option for your cooking needs. The pressure cookers are also suitable and can be used for sterilizing casings and substrates. So, if you are looking for something that won’t disappoint, then the all American pressure cooker is your best choice.

Below are some of the outstanding features:

    1. The pressure cookers offer special metal to metal sealing which makes it absolutely impossible for the steam to escape during your cooking. Unlike many other pressure cookers, the all American pressure cookers do not have gaskets to replace, crack, clean or burn.

    2. All the pressure cooker models are fitted with two automatic venting features and these are ideal as they provide an extra advantage for safety. The two features include the overpressure plug and the safety control valve.

    3. All American pressure cookers have a canning and cooking rack which makes them ideal for canning poultry, fish, meat, veggies, seafood and fruits. This feature is ideal and especially considering that these are low acid foods and the method is recommended by USDA.

    4. The pressure cookers also come in extra heavy duty aluminum construction cast that is suitable for even and fast heating. This means your food will not burn easily or cook unevenly.

    5. With the all American pressure cookers, you are guaranteed of safety through the positive action clamping locks that helps support the lid to the base thus creating a watertight seal making it hard for steam to escape.

    6. The kitchen appliances also feature pressure regulator weight that is machined with precision for correct pressure control.

    7. Each “all American pressure cooker” comes with clear and detailed instructions that will help you during the time of use.

    8. Some models come with a “non-stick” surface which helps prevent foods from sticking when cooking. This is a feature that you might find interesting during your purchase.

When using the all American pressure cookers, it is good to avoid placing them on glass-top stoves as these modes have indented bottoms. The pressure cookers are also weighty and can cause damages to the glass-top stoves and especially if slid across or dropped on them. Some of these models are also dishwasher safe and this makes cleaning easy and effective.

Top selling All American Pressure Cooker:

All American Quart 921

All  American 921 pressure cooker

The All American Quart Pressure Cooker is a large pressure cooker and canner as it is 21 and1/2 quarts. It will hold up to 7 quart jars and up to 19 pint jars. The pressure cooker is made out of durable aluminium that is hand cast. It has a satin finish on it that is very attractive. It uses a sealing system that is metal to metal so there are no gaskets needed. If it begins to become over pressured there is an automatic safety release. The canner can be set to 5, 10, or 15 psi, depending on what is needed.

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Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker – What are The Pros and Cons?

Unlike those childhood days when mothers had to struggle with old pots which could only cook food in hours, today’s moms have a chance to enjoy beautiful and faster cooking pans which are very convenient and time saving. Pressure cookers have grown in popularity since they are easy to use and unlike in the past when many people considered them to be unsafe, today’s technology has made them safer and more dependable.

pressure cooker vs slow cooker
However, many people also use slow cookers which are also convenient but there is a big difference between the two types of pans whenever in use. The question however is, which one is better, pressure cooker or slow cooker and why?

Below is a comparison of the two types of pans for your consideration.

  • First, the issue of time is always worth considering when looking at the two cooking partners. In this regard, pressure cookers are quicker compared to slow cookers whose cooking character is denoted by their name.

    Pressure cookers are built with a lid that clamps tightly in place and this helps to trap the steam generated as the food starts heating. With no chances of escaping, this steam accumulates pressure thus increasing the temperature inside thee pot for faster cooking. Slow cookers do not have this mechanism.

  • While pressure cookers can have the job done within a few minutes, slow cookers will cook the same type of food between 2 to 6 hours. When plugged in, slow cookers do not need much attention but you should keep checking after an hour or so to ensure that the liquid does not dry up causing your food to burn.

    On the contrary, pressure cookers should be monitored closely otherwise your food might overcook. You will also need to adjust the heat as the pressure builds up.
  • When using both the pressure cooker and the slow cooker, liquids should be kept at the necessary levels since they do not evaporate during the cookery. This means reading the instructions for each of the model or brand that you have so as to adhere to the safety measures provided.
  • Another major difference between slow cooker and pressure cooker is that the former does not pose any danger to the use as far as abrupt pressure release is concerned. While pressure cookers can be tricky and especially if the instructions are not followed, slow cookers do not pose the same risks although still you will have to be careful when unsealing the lid when cooking.
  • The longer the time spent cooking over the slow cookers, the better it is for your foods to simmer gently unlike when pressure cookers are used.
  • As far as their economy benefits are concerned, both of them can be said to be ideal in that they are energy efficient. This is despite the fact that the slow cookers will take longer to cook the food. With this in mind however, it is worth noting that slow cookers are more advantageous than other forms of cooking methods and equipment’s such as traditional pots.
  • Pressure cookers are a little bit pricey but this is normally compensated for by the amount of energy you will save with every cooking experience. However, always know that your pressure cooker will have to be opened whenever you intend to inspect the food and this means releasing the pressure that is accumulated in the pot.

The choice between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker will always boil down to the user preference but with all factors considered, pressure cookers are more advantageous compared to their counterparts.

So already decided for a process cooker?? If so then You are highly recommended to read unbiased review of pressure cooker or check our comparison chart to know which one is perfect with your needs.

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