MaxiMatic EPC-808 Pressure Cooker Review

maxi-matic epc-808 elite 8-quart pressure cookerAnyone that is looking to eat healthier should consider purchasing an electric pressure cooker. The MaxiMatic Elite Premium pressure cooker allows you to cook food evenly and seal in all of the great nutrients. The electric pressure cooker has fourteen pre-set functions for your convenience.

These functions allow you to brown food, keep it warm, for manual operation and even a 24 hour delay. The inner pot is a full eight quarts which allows you to cook a large variety of meals for the entire family.

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14 Multi-functions

The MaxiMatic is a pressure cooker that does more than just allow you to can foods. You can use the pre-programmed functions to cook almost anything. The multi-functional pressure cooker is perfect for cooking rice, vegetables, fish, pork, chicken, beans, potatoes, soup, beef, pretty much anything that you want. You can also brown meat in it or simply keep a dish warm. Try browning the meat for your dish in the pressure cooker and then adding all of your other ingredients. This is a very convenient and healthy way to cook.

Easy to Clean

The housing for this particular MaxiMatic pressure cooker is made out of durable, tough, stainless steel. The 8 quart interior pot for cooking can be removed so that it can be cleaned out quite easily. The inner cooking pot is non-stick, which means that you can simply wipe it down with some warm soapy water and it will be ready for the next time you want to use it.

Key Features

Some of the key features of this digital pressure cooker include:

  • 14 multi-functions
  • 24 hour timer delay
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Non-stick cooking pot that is removable for cleaning
  • Automatic keep warm feature will keep food warm for 12 hours
  • Automatic pressure cooking
  • Indicator beep when cooking is completed
  • Programmable for customized cooking

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Customer reviews and scores sub-headline

At the time of this writing there were almost 129 reviews of the electric pressure cooker. The average rating of this device was 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most customers were very happy with how easy it is to use this particular elite pressure cooker. One consumer liked the fact that the pressure cooker was large enough to allow her to cook enough food for an entire week. The most praise came about how easy this particular pressure cooker is to use. Simply press one of the pre-programmed buttons and walk away.

While most consumers are happy with their purchase of this electric pressure cooker, there are a few that have had some issues. One of the biggest complaints is the fact that it just quits working after a short amount of time. Some people have complained that the customer service department of the company is not that friendly.

For the most part, people are pretty happy with all of the great features of this particular pressure cooker and it is definitely one to consider if you are in the market for a new pressure cooker.

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For a low price of just $119.99 it will be difficult to find another stainless steel pressure cooker of this calibre. Most of the people who have purchased this pressure cooker have been extremely happy. This is a rather new pressure cooker available and there are not as many reviews available as there are for some of the other electric pressure cookers on the market.

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